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Sweet & Spicy Asian Snacks - 45pcs in a Gift Box
Sweet & Spicy Asian Snacks - 45pcs in a Gift Box
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Sweet & Spicy Asian Snacks - 45pcs in a Gift Box

Sweet & Spicy Asian Snacks - 45pcs in a Gift Box

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Treat yourself to these unique fiery snacks. Our sweet and spicy snack box comes with hot noodles, crispy chips, and various spicy snack bites. We also include sweet candies and popcorn in this box to soothes your burning hot tongue. Are you up to the challenge?

1 XIANG PIAO PIAO Red Bean Milk Tea 香飘飘红豆奶茶 64g

1 BESTORE Millet Crisps Hot & Spicy 良品铺子小米锅巴麻辣味 90g

1 Bestore Hawthorn Coil 良品铺子果丹皮 21g

It has a Hawthorn fruit taste, which means it has a tangy taste and mild sweetness. If you like the combination of sweet and sour then this snack is for you!

2 Bestore Lotus Root (BBQ Flavour) 良品铺子卤藕(烧烤味)48g

2 Bestore Lotus Root(Spicy Flavor) 良品铺子香辣卤藕 48g

This braised lotus root is very delicious! Soft and mildly spicy. Perfect to combine with spicy noodles.


6 Bestore Tamarind cake 良品铺子酸角果糕 34g

A soft candy with sweet and sour flavored. It is a refreshing combination. The sour taste is not too strong.

1 BESTORE Wakame Seaweed Hot & Spicy 良品铺子裙带菜香辣味 27g

The spicy taste and crunchy texture are very delicious. The wakame is very refreshing and not too salty. 

2 BESTORE Candied Hawthorn Flake 良品铺子山楂片 26g

A very fun snack to eat! These sweet and tart discs are thin, small, and pinky made from hawthorn fruit.

6 Bestore Tofu (Spicy) 良品铺子风味豆干(火辣味)90g

Delicious and flavorful soy protein snacks. This incredibly tasty tofu is spicy and soft. Perfect to add to a dish.

2 Bestore Vegetarian Meat (Hot & Spicy) 良品铺子蛋白素肉(麻辣味) 36g

This Bestore Dried Beans Mala Flavor is delicious and perfect as a substitute for meat for vegetarians.

1 BESTORE Potato Fries Original Flavour 良品铺子原味薯条 20g

Very crunchy and delicious. Not too salty or too sweet. This is one of our team's most favorite snacks! It tastes exactly like crispy French fries, but it is not oily at all.

1 BESTORE Fried Potatoes Bulks BBQ Flavor 良品铺子高山小土豆烧烤味 34g

Taste similar to spicy curry potatoes. Very soft and delicious. Perfect as a snack or to combine with a dish.

1 SDX Sichuan Toasted Gluten - Spicy 蜀道香川香烤面筋 26g

Shu Dao Xiang Spicy Sichuan gluten strip is perfect for those who love spicy kicks.

1 SDX Beancurd - BBQ Flavour 蜀道香素肉烧烤味 26g

Satisfy your appetite with this high-quality spicy beancurd. Very tasty and perfect for snacking.

1 SDX Gluten Strips - Artificial Lobster Flavour 蜀道香吮虾烤面筋小龙虾味 26g

Shu Dao Xiang Spicy Sichuan is a gluten strip with a yummy lobster flavor.

2 SDX Spicy Beancurd 蜀道香香辣素肉 36g

Delicious and spicy! It tastes very good as you chew them slowly.



2 Bestore Hawthorn Cake Snack 良品铺子山楂饴 26g


1 HAO BA SHI Dried Beancurd - Black Duck Flavour 好巴食黑鸭味Q豆乾 22g

5 CHUN GUANG Classic Coconut Candy 春光特浓传统椰子糖 60g

2 CHUN GUANG Ginger Coconut Candy 春光姜汁椰奶糖 20g

4 HAO BA SHI Dried Beancurd - Fish Flavour 好巴食鱼香素牛肉 57g

*Please note that from time to time, certain individual items might run out of stock, we will replace those with alternatives with equal or better values for you, thanks for your understanding.

*We constantly design & create various combinations for the Snack Boxes on monthly basis. This particular combination was created on 28/05/2021.