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10 Cute Asian Snacks To Entertain Your Kids During Lockdown

During Covid-19 pandemic, we are all staying at home. Because of that, we need to keep the kids entertained. SnacksnackUK has a list of 10 fun and cute Asian snacks your kids would adore during lockdown. Aside from entertaining, you and your kid could discover a different culture through these 10 snacks! Check out SnacksnackUK snack inventory for other snack inspiration.

1. TOHATO Pokémon Pikachu Shaped Chocolate Snacks with a Sticker TOHATO Pokemon Pikachu Shaped Chocolate Snacks with a Sticker           

Chocolate covered corn puffs in the shape of Pikachu from Pokémon anime. The corn puffs are super crunchy and would fill your mouth with a sweet chocolate flavor. Inside, the snack box also contains 1 collectible Pokémon sticker. It is a fun activity to complete the Pokémon stickers made of high quality. In total there are 40 different Pokémons to catch! I believe your kid would enjoy collecting them.

2. TOHATO Doraemon Cheese Flavored Potato Puff Snacks with a Sticker

TOHATO Doraemon Cheese Flavoured Potato Puff Snacks with a Sticker

If you love savory snacks, this snack is for you! This cheese flavored snack is enriched with calcium. These snacks are shaped like Doraemon’s iconic bell. The texture is super crunchy. Your kid sure would enjoy eating this super cute Doraemon snacks.

3. GLICO Pocky Almond Crush

GLICO Pocky Almond Crush SnacksnackUK

For this snack, I believe it is not only something your child would love, but it is also a temptation for the adults. The almond crunch combined with a creamy chocolate in a stick biscuit is just super delicious. It has just the right crunchiness and sweetness, and is quite mild and not too sweet. The almond really brings out some extra texture.

4. BOURBON Every Burger Chocolate Biscuit 

BOURBON Every Burger Chocolate Biscuit

This super cute packaging will definitely be adored by children. Inside, there is a chocolate cream gnash in between two cookies, in the shape of a burger. The chocolate cream inside it has a very good quality. This nice and pleasant crispy little sweet cookies with a rich creamy chocolate tastes so delicious! I believe you and your kid could eat them all in one sitting.

5. MEIJI Takenoko No Sato Chocolate Biscuits

MEIJI Takenoko No Sato Chocolate Biscuits

Sweet, nutty, chocolatey; a Japanese favorite. For a sweet treat that is as fun to look at as it is to eat, Meiji's Takenoko no Sato chocolate biscuits are hard to beat. These bite-size almond flavored biscuits are covered by a thin layer of creamy milk chocolate, then topped with a layer of slightly darker chocolate molded into the shape of a little bamboo shoot. Your kids would definitely love this super cute snack.

6. LOTTE Pokemon Wafer Chocolate with a Sticker

LOTTE Pokemon Wafer Chocolate with a Sticker

This chocolate wafer biscuit is a perfect treat for both kids and adults alike, but especially Pokémon fans. The chocolate cream inside the wafer is rich and solid. You will receive one of twenty-four collectable Pokémon characters' stickers inside the package. Perfect for Pokémon lovers!

7. Glico Collon Milky Cream Biscuits

Glico Collon Milky Cream Biscuits

Super cute packaging that your kids would definitely love! For most Asians, these biscuits from Collon are their childhood snacks. They are little wafer roll tubes with super soft and milky cream fillings. The wafers are super crispy and the milky cream inside are mixed with a soft whipped cream, giving the rolls a tasty unique texture. Your kid would surely enjoy the fresh fragrance of vanilla with a creamy taste of milk.

8. White Rabbit Creamy Candy

White Rabbit Creamy Candy

This candy is very popular in many parts of Asia. In fact, it is a very famous candy for most Asian childhoods. The candy itself is thick, and as you eat the candy, it gets soft and chewy. The milk it contains is from New Zealand. As a kid, it was very entertaining that each candy is rolled inside a thin paper sheet of rice paper, which is edible. The rice paper is flavorless, but eating an edible paper was very fun for a child. The paper quickly dissolves in your mouth. The taste of the candy itself is like a sweetened milk, it’s soft and very creamy.

9. NAGATANIEN Bite Sized Traditional Japanese Sweet - Matcha Warabi Mochi

NAGATANIEN Bite Sized Traditional Japanese Sweet - Matcha Warabi Mochi

This mochi tastes slightly different than the typical chewy mochi. The texture is slightly like a jelly, but not too sweet. I suggest you and your kid have a fun afternoon tea together, make some matcha tea and enjoy this matcha mochi, they are really a perfect combination! The green tea flavor in this mochi is good for kids as it is very deep but not bitter.

Warabi mochi is made of warabi starch. Unlike the typical mochi made from glutinous rice that gives them super chewy texture. Warabi mochi has a jelly texture. Its chewy and would dissolve in your mouth quickly. Japanese like to enjoy warabi mochi during summer time as it is refreshing.

10. Crunky Crunch Chocolate Bar

Crunky Crunch Chocolate Bar

The taste is not too sweet, it has crispy texture from the crunchy malt puffs and the sweetness of milky chocolate. This unique combination of crunch and smooth chocolate is very pleasant, some people would say eating this chocolate bar tasted like eating an ice cream cone covered in chocolate ice cream. That’s why I recommend this snack for kids, I believe they would enjoy it very much.

This was our list of fun and cute snacks you can enjoy with your kids during lockdown! We have tried all of them, feel free to tell us which one would be your favorite snacks to enjoy with your kids by tagging us in our Instagram.

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